Leather Tool Tip: The Veiner


When I was first starting out in the leather crafting world, I had no idea what any of my tools really did or their names. I just knew that they created really cool indentions into leather. It seems that as I progress I have wanted to learn more about my craft and really delve deep into what my style is and what I want to focus on. It also would seem that different tools are used for different jobs and styles.

Veiners are mostly used for hand stamping out the designs in flowers or Sheridan Style Carving. Sometimes they can be used to re-create a Victorian style theme or even perhaps an Art Noveou style stamping pattern. Mostly veiners help to create details in the flower carving commonly used in the Sheridan Style.

I am not sure when Sheridan Style became popular but I do know that it was and has been a sort of homage to the late 19th century (Early Western Period) and I wonder what the British were carving back then as well. I also wonder if many Steampunk artists have thought about how intricately scrolls and flowers were portrayed in early leather carving. Especially Acorns.

Anyway this is what a veiner looks like.

Where to buy Veiners:

Hackbarth Stell Leather

Clay MIller Tools

Barry King Tools

Tandy Leather

Springfield Leather Company

Interesting Leather History:

Cowboy Saddlery


1 thought on “Leather Tool Tip: The Veiner

  1. I am amazed at the world of Resin- I just think it’s beautiful and don’t understand it at all- which makes it kind of magical for me:) I’m so glad you enjoyed this book and shared it with us!

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