Resin Jewelry Making by Katherine Swift {Book Review}

*I was given a book for review but as always my opinions are my own.

I must confess that I am a dabbler. You know, a dabbler. A little bit of this which happens to be mixed in with a little bit of that. I am easily bored and sometimes easily frustrated. When I started making jewelry, I saw these wonderful etsy shops filled with the most amazing resin bangles, rings, and pendents. I was obsessed with the artistry of it all.

So, I dabbled. It was pretty bad but then came a time when I had an accident. I think most crafters face this.  A mold of uncured resin plopped face down on my hardwood floors. Original 1950 hardwood floors, I tell you. That resin never cured and it was laying on my craft table for little over two days.

I have been following Katherin Swift for over a year now.Around these crafty parts, she is known as Resin Obsession. There are so many tutorials that i pinned because of her. She has an amazing product and is a very talented Resin Artist.

Resin Jewelry Making: Your In-Depth Guide to Creating Resin Jewelry and More is her first e-book that covers the do’s and don’ts of Resin making.

Final-eBookCover-small (2)

I was sent a copy of this book to review and was delighted to finally have in my hands a guide to what I was doing wrong. This information was extremely beneficial for me as a crafting enthusiast. Most of the time I am fearful of deviating from the tutorials because of my insecurities with resin.

Her chapters on Safety, Troubleshooting, and Tips are quite possibly some of my favorite because most craft books discuss tutorials forgetting that most of us are novices. Resin has a very short fixing period. You know fixing an oops. Swift gives some sound tips in order to navigate these murky resin covered wells.

Did I mention that she proudly portrays a few of her own “first pieces” and i must say I was a little relieved that her first pieces also looked like my first pieces. The projects were fun, simple,and easily adaptable for most artists and crafters.

Overall, this book is a welcome addition into your Craft and Art Project collections especially if you are trying to branch out into other mixed media mediums. It is well written and chock full of useful information and tutorials.


16 thoughts on “Resin Jewelry Making by Katherine Swift {Book Review}

  1. Hi there. I also work in leather sometimes. I have made some very large cuffs and I really like your work. Beautiful techniques and fabulous tutorials. Tandy Leather is one of my go to places when I do leather.

  2. I tried resin once and failed SO bad I didn’t try again. Nothing turned out right. This book would be so helpful I bet! I’m absolutely a dabbler too :) you should try copper metal clay and a crem brule torch :) it’s so fun!

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