Texas Boot Leather Ornament Tutorial

In my lovely little piece of South Texas, the weather has turned mild dashing my hopes for a white Christmas. As part of the Texas Posadas Blog Hop, I pondered what type of craft I would set up for you. I have a love for poinsettias. The deep red blush of their leaves always reminds me that it is time for Christmas.

My house, like my abuela’s and my mother’s, is filled with Poinsettias and a few Nativity sets. Although, attempting a porcelain clay poinsettia ornament would have been amazing and a little over ambitious. I opted instead for the epitome of Texas, The Boot.


I decided to use acrylics to paint the leather and instead left out the final step of covering with a thin dye to age the boot. I forgot how bright white paint really is without distressing it.

Materials Needed

3 oz leather

Modeling Tool

Exacto Knife

Acrylic Paints in White, Blue, and Red

1 mm to 1.5 mm leather string for barbed wire 


Case leather, wait a few minutes. Draw outline of boot with modeling tool. Add in details.


Cut out boot with exacto knife. Paint with watered down acrylic paints. It is important for you to water down the paint before applying to the leather.

Don’t forget your edges. Paint edges and finish them using a circle edge slicker or bone folder.

For barbed wire closure, tie small about 1 inch  pieces of cord onto the main leather cord which creates the Barbed wire effect.

Texas Ornaments

Merry Christmas, Ya’ll!


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1 thought on “Texas Boot Leather Ornament Tutorial

  1. Such a cute and seemingly simple ornament. Thank you for sharing … Hope you attempt a poinsettia ornament of some sort.

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