Mother and Daughter DIY: Repainting an Old Scooter

Diy Scooter Upcyle

My daughter has this really old, worn down wooden scooter and I have no earthly idea where it came from. I think someone gave it to her over 2 years ago. She plays with it in the house and sometimes she forgets about it outside so it has been caught in the rain a couple of times.

It used to have this picture of the Care Bears on it but after a few months, ahem years, of weathering it was stripped down to the bare bones. She still loves it and we decided maybe it was time for a face lift. We took our supplies out and camped out in our front yard.

Yes, I am that neighbor and we even have our garden in the front as well.

Here is how we gave an old scooter new life.

What you need:

Acrylic All Purpose Paint

Stencils or Stamps



DIY Scooter Makeover Supplies


First, you need to sand off any of the old paint.  As I progressed, it is probably better to use a base coat underneath the main coat of paint. I also recommend letting it dry for one hour before applying the second coat but I had an impatient apprentice.

DIY Scooter Painting



After we let the coat dry, sort of, we used paint to cover our rubber stamp which was supposed to look like bubbles.

Bubble Stamp


Paint the stamp and use it to stamp a pattern onto the surface. I am not very good with stamps so it was a little tricky. Next time, I will use a stencil.

After Pic


You can also seal it with epoxy, modge podge, or anything else to make it water proof but I didn’t. I actually forgot about the sealing part but I can always do it later.

I hope you enjoyed our Mother and Daughter DIY Project.






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