New Etsy Shop Additions

I am slowly starting to become more organized as the baby comes ever so much closer to arriving. I only have 7 weeks, y’all!  I have been adding more merchandise to my etsy store and recently created this very cool Chingona Cuff.

Chingona Cuff 2

Over the years, Chingona had a very negative connotation to it. It meant conceited or too big for your britches. Sometimes it was even meant, pardon my language,  the word bitch. However,  I have always thought of it as badass. I mean I already know how amazingly awesome. So, recently there has been new dialogue opening up about what a Chingona is and how we can raise our girls to fight societal standards and pressures.

I also launched two other collections. One is the Calavera Collection and the other is La Rosas: The Leather Earring Collection.

Calavera Collection
Calavera Collection


La Rosas is dedicated to creating floral inspired jewelry with leather. As I progress in my skill set, I will add more earrings to the shop site.

Grey Rosettes

That is my weekly update for you guys. I hope you enjoyed what I have been creating.





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