Crochet Wednesday: Rag Rug Obsession

Crochet Wednesdays

Welcome to Crochet Wednesday.

Today I want to focus specifically on floors. I really love the look of rugs and since I have old wood floors it would be nice to have homemade pieces in our bedrooms, bathrooms,and kitchens.

I told Big E that I would use his old FRC’s to crochet an outside rug.  He laughed at me but I am totally serious about getting rid of all our old clothes by turning them into yarn. I did try my hand at doing this Doily Rug but it eluded me and then I just pulled all the stitches out. I searched for simpler and easier designs and these two seem to be the most popular. I also located a few other posts and videos.

This easy Colorful Rag Rug looks like an easy tutorial for a beginner like me and a perfect fit for my laundry room or kitchen.

Colorful Rag Rug Tutorial by Cuada Designs
Colorful Rag Rug Tutorial by Cuada Designs

I can see this Mandela Rug as a statement piece for my daughters room. One for the baby and one for Mara.

Mandala Floor Rug
Mandala Floor Rug

Other Great Tutorials and Tips:

  1. Craftbits
  2. Stargazun Designs
  3. T-Shirt Circular Rug
  4. T-shirt Rugs Using a Hula Hoop

Happy Hooking, y’all!




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