Crochet Wednesdays: 5 DIY Pot Holders and Dish Cloths

Crochet Wednesdays


Welcome to Crochet Wednesday, y’all!

One of my very first projects was a potholder. I used Peaches and Cream cotton yarn in #1612 Sunshine and #1530 Rogue Red to make them. My yarn and I were inseperable for a little while as I carried it around in this little blue zipper pouch I had. I stitched whenever I had a few moments at church, at the doctor’s office, and even sitting outside while we BBQ’d.

Soon, an almost obsessive desire to finish the potholder kicked in. Every stitch got me closer to the end and when they finally met I was ecstatic.  What people do not tell you about crochet is that it takes FOREVER to even for small projects! It literally took me a few hours but it could be that I am a beginner. I can say  with relative gumption that if you are getting a good sized crochet blanket for $100 then it is a steal because the amount of work is crazy, y’all.

I learned to crochet these pot holders  by  watching this video by Hooked in Stitches. It took me several views before I became comfortable with working the stitches on my own. I am a very visual learner so it works better if I have a video or pictures to see what I am doing especially when it comes to something as complex as crochet. I hope to one day read a pattern because the older Crochet Patterns are especially beautiful.

Crochet Potholders and Dishcloths

1. This is a very cute, colorful Hexagon dishcloth by Debs Crochet that I am hoping to try soon. I would love to see it is a pastel or mint color.

Hexagon Washcloth From Deb Crochet
Deb’s Crochet

2. This second potholder is very durable and is perfect for heavy duty use in the kitchen. I have made 3 of these potholders in Sunshine and Rogue Red. I used the Peaches and Cream Yarn which is very affordable and holds up well.

Hooked On Needles
Hooked On Needles

3. I really love the puffy design of this potholder from Petals to Picots and seems to be a more complex pattern but it could just be that as a beginner it overwhelms me to see stitches outside of a single crochet. I love, love the use of soft colors and think they are the perfect touch to any country style kitchen.

Textured Crochet Discloth from Petals to Picots
Petals to Picots

4.This very cute Cupcake Crochet Potholder makes use of the whimsical side of crochet. I found it on etsy through the seller, Whiskers and Wool.

Cupcake Potholder Crochet
Cupcake Potholder by Whiskers and Wool

5. I love this square pattern potholder that has a very dainty flower that embellishes it in the center. The colors are bokd and bright against the white background

four square

Four Square Crochet Potholder by Whiskers and Wool

I hope you enjoyed these easy and beautiful crochet potholders that can be easily customized to reflect the design of your kitchen.

Happy Hooking!







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