Vaquera Couture: A new twist on the Cabeza de Vaca (Cow Heads)

Cow Skull Couture

I dubbed these posts Vaquera Couture because it shows the little pieces of Texas Style that I love. Let’s get started with the quintessential part of any Western Decor: The Cow Head. I grew up with deer heads gallantly hung on paneled walls complete with a built in gun case. Sometimes, we would the lone cow skull hanging in my Abuelito’s house.

Suffice to say, I grew up around hunting. I raised cattle, showed cattle, and it was the essence of farm to plate that so many talk about.  Cow heads have come a long way from being a faded relic of Cowboys past and instead of becoming a new rustic glam for design and decor.

Mosaic Cow Heads

Eternal Heart Mosaic Cowskull



Mosaic Steer Skull from Glass Magic


Beaded Cow Skulls

Cow Skull
Sacred Heart Beaded Skull


Lilly Ross Mosaics


Zebra Print and Cross Steer Skull
Zebra Print and Cross Steer Skull


 Glam Skulls

Skull from LaciJaeDesigns


Skull from Gaudy Dlam Boutique

These are just a few options you have to turn your wall into an Ode to the West.




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