30 Minute Mondays: DIY Texas Rustic Birdhouse

30 minute Mondays DIY Edition

We found a birdhouse hidden among the weathered debris and dying tree limbs. It was full of feathers and old cicada shells. My six year old was fascinated and pointed out that the amber hued husks were “chrysalises.”

We tried to clean it out the best that we could by giving it a good rinse with the mangera (water hose) before we brought it inside. As we were rinsing it,  a piece of the birdhouse awning broke off and you should of have heard the gasps of distress that came from my two children. Luckily, we had wood glue around so we waited a few days before we could paint it.

After the glue dried, I had to make sure my daughter didn’t paint it every color of our paint stash. She does that and ends up with more paint on her than on the project we are working on.

Here is what our birdhouse looked like before we started painting it.

Before Picture of the Birdhouse

Isn’t this the cutest little birdhouse? I love the Texas cutout in the front of the house and am pretty thrilled that I was able to find it in a decent condition.

We used a mixture of off white and eggshell paints and a rustic red acrylic paint. It was an easy to do upcycle that didn’t require extensive planning or work. It was an easy 30 minute project and I really loved the outcome of the birdhouse. Perfect for this Tejana!

After Picture

Here is a better view of the top of the birdhouse. If I do this again, I would definitely want to find a way to stencil the star on it.


I really loved the way it came out even with the funky metallic blue paint and I love being from the Grand Ole State of Tejas. As put in Friday Night Lights, TEXAS FOREVER!



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