Crochet Wednesday: 5 Easy Crochet Circle Tutorials

Header Photo for Crochet Circle


Welcome to Crochet Wednesday, y’all!

I spend most of my days avoiding housework. I know that sounds awful but I am 9 months pregnant and it has really been an interesting ride to say the least. The overwhelming heat has agitated my allergies and I avoid being outside between 10 am and 5 pm if I can. That is the joy of living in deep South Texas. We fry down here.

I picked up my crochet hooks determined to beat the rag rug conundrum but ufortunately I ran out of t-shirt yarn. The traditional granny square and I are not good friends at the moment and I am sure that pattern is constantly saying “Bless her heart” as I struggle to make the squares look tight and even.

Which led me to part ways with her momentarily and try crocheting in a circle instead. I scoured Pinterest for different patterns and instructions because I am still quite the beginner.

The best resource for me was the diagram that I listed in #1 and guess what it was so easy to read and understand.

Here are my first ever Crochet Circles:

Crochet Circles


I used a 5mm hook and some Super Saver white yarn. I really loved doing these circles and I think they would make a great blanket or throw. I also used the magic circle technique for these circles versus the regular way.

Here are some other great Circle Crochet Tutorials that can get you hooking in no time.

  1. Easy Diagram For Double Crochet stitches in the round by Maggie Weldon Via Stitch Love
  2. Circle in a Square by Zooty Owl
  3. Large Circle in a Square by Just Do
  4. Maybelle Rose in a Square by My Rose Valley
  5. Circle in a Square from Color n Cream

Happy Hooking, y’all!



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