Vaquera Outdoor Style: Discadas

Discadas are extremely popular where I grew up in South Texas. They are almost as important as the actual BBQ pit itself.

When I was in high school, I took a welding class where the very first project we were given was to construct a disco. That is what we call discadas in South Texas. Discos are a fairly simple outdoor cooking disc that can be used when camping or at the ranch. It is usually made from an old disc plow but you can buy the disc plows new as well.

Our Discos were used during Lentes fish Frys and when we made tripas. Tripas are not tripe (stomach and lining commonly used for menudo) but instead are commonly know as intestines or chitterlings. We used to wrap them in corn tortillas with fresh pico de gallo and avocado.

I believe that discos are considered more of a peasant style of cooking that encompasses what it is to live in the Brush Country. Discada cookung has suddenely been revitalized with people using them to make stir fry and other dishes when out camping. With the advent of technology and blending of cultures, small cultural gems like this become almost obsolete.

Photo by SouthWest DisK
Photo by SouthWest DisK

The one I made had legs and could easily be placed over a mesquite wood fire. Some of them now come with a gas connection so that you can attach a propane tank to the bottom of it.

I personally prefer the authenticity of having a real wood fire to place the disco over because it makes me feel as if I am connected directly to my ranching heritage.

Food, Family, Culture is so ingrained in how I grew up that I couldn’t move anywhere else.  it is in everything that I do from how I design my cuffs to my DIY projects.  My family roots are deep and strong and these small cultural treasures need to be preserved, collected, and written about.






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