Adventures in the Brush Country

Walt Whitman Quote

I recently moved to a much smaller town and now live in the Brush Country.


I spent most of my twenties trying to get away from the Brush Country but at the same time I am grateful. My family has allowed me the opportunity to fall back on them while i go through my life crisis. Divorce may not be life threatening but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt any less.

It took me a few months to bounce back with the birth of our newest addition. With moving and enrolling my children into school and finally finding a routine that works for me. Well…sort of.

The only drawback is that  my mom lives in the dark ages. She doesn’t have internet or as she likes to say “Wee-Fee”.  Gasp, #firstworldproblems, people. She loves to regale me with her stories “When I was a kid”.

Come on mom, your early twenties was in the 80’s.

I will still be making cuff bracelets and other jewelry. I also will be including lots of great pictures, anecdotes, and stories about revisiting my old childhood stomping grounds. I will still explore my artistry and mastery of leather crafting and share what I discover with all you.

I also have several projects in the works and will share accordingly  as I begin to flesh out all the details.  I believe that every door is an opportunity, every person met is opportunity, and sometimes you just have to take a risk.

Each moment I spend learning, reading, and growing is one that helps me heal and move forward with what I want to do and what I want to accomplish.

It is only through growth that we can become a better version of ourselves.  It is through those stumbles where we learn from our past transgressions and recreate what it is that we first wanted.

We have to rid ourselves of the fear and doubt even if for a moment. Even if the fear is the only thing we feel grasping onto our backs with clawed fingers. The only option is to leap.

You have to jump with both feet and your eyes closed.  Ill let you know what I find at the bottom.


1 thought on “Adventures in the Brush Country

  1. Whatever is at the bottom, be assured it that it won’t let you sink–instead, you’re very apt to bounce! May God heal you, strengthen you, and give you laughter and hope as you make this new life with your babes, chica.

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