Robot Building

Each one of my children is so unique in their own ways and everyday I can see their passions grow. As a family, we decided that making a robot seemed like a pretty good idea. I have to give it to my little dude that he was right. My son is a maker like his momma while his sister is probably more of a creative (idea person).  Mara also tends to have more of the “gets bored easily” from me.

This Mindstorm Kit from Lego was perfect as an introduction into robot building.  Being that it was a Lego based kit  allowed my seven year old son to be able to follow the directions on his own.


Both of my kids were able to participate even though they are both fairly young and under the age of 10.


My son is already showing interest in Engineering so we may focus on creating modified curriculum based on his interests. My daughter is more of a designer so for her the focus will be on using tools for illustration.

As parents, expose them to everything and support their interests even if it is something that you know nothing about. The need for youth entrepreneurship starts with us. Together we can help change our communities by mentoring our kids and youth.


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