A little bit of Tex-Mex in your Holidays

christmas! (1)

The white caliche rocks of the backroads of my small country town remind me that I live in a place that still clings to Tex-Mex culture. My weathered boots remind me that we cling to this culture even more tightly now even as we become more acculturated. The Vaquero is alive where I am and is not a caricature of what most believe. It is real and breathing. Struggling with the advent of technology but still here.

I saw it when I went to the Ranch Hand Festival. My friend from work called me authentic and she was right.

I am authentic,

Authentically Tejana.

It is who I am and how I grew up. City living is part of me but my heart belongs among the thicket of mesquite trees and cacti plants.

In honor of celebrating my little patch of Texas, I will be doing a series of posts that reflect on what it means to have a Tejano Christmas. In a way, I will be cataloguing what my family has done and what they continue to do. It is time we write our own stories.

Day One: The Ranch Hand Festival

Day Two: Tejano Gift Guide

Day Three: Tejanito/a Gift Guide

Day Four: The Nativity

Day Five: La Posada

Day Five: Virgen de Guadalupe

Day Seven: Stocking and Ornaments

Day Eight: Meal Planning for your Tex Mex Christmas

-The Tejana


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