Do it for You: My new love, his name is Gym

I am calling this series “Do it for you”.

As a divorced parent of 3 children,  doing anything for myself is overwhelming and sometimes feels a little selfish. I started wondering what people thought of me for dropping my kids off at daycare in the summer and the Boys and Girl’s Club. I had to work summer school so not much of a choice in that department.

We give single and divorced moms such a hard time when they do anything for themselves whether it is a Spa Day, an hour in the gym, or heck a drink at the bar.

One day, I was persuaded to start Powerlifting again at the ripe age of 33 nearly 10 years after being a retired college athlete. Can college athletes retire or do we just graduate?

I joined a gym, avoided the gym, and finally embraced Gym. My first few workouts were easy and then the real work came.  Training was brutal. This was the real deal not the “Hey, I hit the gym today” but it was like “Damn, I’m dying”.

It has been nearly 12 weeks and I am finally losing weight and gaining strength. I still weigh around 240 lbs but my body composition is changing.

Those moments in the gym reminded me who I used to be. That confident, athlete who would stand up to life with fists clenched and head held high. I find her cowered inside me as I bring her everyday to the surface. Every weight, every bead of sweat has brought me to this moment of self discovery or should I say rediscovery.

My calloused hands have helped to heal my broken soul. Each rep allows the anger, bitterness, and sadness to escape.

My solace for that hour and half is something I will be doing for the rest of the year if not my life. I am still a plus size woman but I feel like I have found one of my passions. I will be updating all of you on my progress and my competitions.



1 thought on “Do it for You: My new love, his name is Gym

  1. Definitely a great read, lifting always gets the stress out of you!

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