The road less traveled in Texas

The last few months have been really exciting and interesting for me. I met a wonderful, loving, and thoughtful man who cares for me and my children. It isn’t everyday that you meet a person who is willing to care for children as though they are theirs.

The one thing that I love about DC is that he loves to travel and since we met there has been nothing but roads and open adventures for us. We have traveled to the local places first.

I have learned so much about him, myself, and my kids as we travel along the desolate back roads of Texas. Growing up, we hardly ever traveled anywhere instead staying home since my mom was a Coach. The closest thing to a vacation was when I went to Dance Camp as a teenager on a horrible  non air-conditioned bus.

With DC, we have experienced so many places together as a family

We have recently traveled to as a family the following places:

  1. Brownsville
  2. Corpus Christi
  3. San Antonio/San Marcos

Keep following along as we travel through Texas with our little ones.

What places should we see next?


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