Blended Family Chronicles: 3 ways to create Routines for a Newly Blended Family




Welcome one and all to the Blended Family Chronicles. DC and I have bumped heads over  many things like who can discipline the children, what is his role as a future step parent, and how do we navigate new family moments. Here are a few baby steps we have implemented to help the children and myself acclimate to the addition into our family.

1. Family Dinners

One thing we have introduced more often is family dinners. We try to eat together as often as we can but sometimes DC has a game (he coaches high school sports) so on those nights we eat without him. They usually are on Fridays but with his new soccer schedule he may miss two nights a week. On weekends. we eat all our meals together and the general consensus is that we are not allowed to use our electronics or watch TV.

2. Gaming or Family Activities

DC doesn’t have any children from his previous marriage so sometimes he has to get used the whirlwind that is having kids. We have implemented Family Game Time which allows him to bond with the other two children while I work alongside them on the blog, lesson plans, or the relaunch of the jewelry store. This usually happens when the youngest is taking her nap.

Danny and DJ (my eldest) also share the love for Pokemon GO which has strengthened their bond.

3. Sharing Responsibility

This is a big one. We both work so we share the responsibility of maintaining the household but we still have separate checking accounts. We have discussed opening an account strictly for bills but we’ll see. I like that each one of us is responsible for our own finances.

However, it doesn’t end at monetary equality. DC also pitches in around the house, picks up the children from school when he can, and is an essential member of our little family. I have made it a point to let him know when I am unhappy or when I need extra help. We are all getting used  to each other.

Patience, Understanding, and Communication are all essential to the development of any relationship and even more so when there are children involved. Keep the lines of communication open and remember that it will take work.



2 thoughts on “Blended Family Chronicles: 3 ways to create Routines for a Newly Blended Family

  1. Love this!! I haven’t had experience with this, but I have friends who are going through this at the present time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. No problem and I hope it will help them alleviate the pressures of creating a blended family. It is not an easy task but well worth it!

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