Tejano Travels: Lulu’s Bakery and Cafe

We spent the first weekend of our 2016 Winter Break in San Antonio. My body was already used to our daily routine of being out the door by 6:45 am. Here I was on a Saturday morning wide awake and thinking about whether or not I should wake up DC. After 30 minutes, I decided we should all wake up but alas to my dismay DC gave me a look that would make Grumpy Cat jealous. After another hour, we decided that 5:45 was the perfect time to wake everyone up and get ready. 3 kids dressed and ready to seize the day is hard to achieve.

The first thing that DC wanted me to do was google Lulu’s  and I complied but the gleaming words  read  “closed”. He stared at me with a mixture of horrified surprise when I announced it to him which made him gasp “What?!” He made me google again and I realized he meant Lulu’s Bakery and Cafe which was an all night dine not Lulu’s Mexican Restaurant.

Nestled awkwardly among a white Motel 6, was a quaint white and red building with Lulu’s Bakery and Cafe splayed on the outside of it.  I was genuinely surprised at how small it actually was. I tend to not watch much reality TV  so in my defense I had no idea how popular the restaurant already was.


Did I mention it was 7 am which meant that we had the place to ourselves! We scoured the menu trying to decide if we wanted to share the giant 3lb Cinnamon Roll or have Chicken Fried Steak for breakfast. The kids ordered their usual fare of bean and cheese tacos whilst DC and I took the plunge and ordered the Chicken Fried Steak breakfast platter.

In case you didn’t know, but a good chicken fried steak is a staple of cuisine in Texas. I fondly remember after our athletic competitions we would file into restaurants like Lulu’s and eat chicken fried steaks with fries and a side salad.

Even though, I would like to think that my palate is refined (it isn’t y’all) but a good chicken fried steak is truly the epitome of being Southern and Texan. The breading was perfectly crisp with seasoning and covered with the best cream gravy I have had since the infamous yellow gravy at the Oasis Restaurant in Premont,TX.


Let me just say this, it was so good we had to eat there twice. Next time we hit up San Antonio that 3 lb Cinnamon Roll is on my radar.



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