My Word for 2017: Conquer

Six days.

Six days have passed since January 1st, 2017. I watched, inspired, as everyone celebrated their words for 2017. Those small goals we whisper out into the world. Behind the one word prompts, we have hidden our future hopes and aspirations. I struggled to find my word.

I went straight back to work as an English teacher on the cusp of our standardized testing schedule. I felt overwhelmed, stressed, and apathetic.

I sat wondering about my word, staring out at empty desks and nothing. The recesses of my mind were empty. For a brief moment, I questioned if perhaps Tejana Made had outlived its time. When I started my blog, I was in it for something that I couldn’t quite pinpoint. Maybe it was my escape from my failing marriage or a way to find my voice. All I know is that for two years, I didn’t exist in the world of blogging.

Two years later, I emerged as a changed woman with a restored passion for all things Tejas and for her little blog meant to showcase her dying cultura. A true Tejana as DC lovingly calls me…I am neither Mexican nor Mexican American. I am other. A dying culture, the last stand of the American Cowboy, of the Mexican Vaquero, of Tejano Culture.

I sat here pondering and it wasn’t until I talked to my friend from Shine Beautifully, April Monterrosa that I realized my word.


Conquer to overcome and take control of a place, successfully overcome a problem. Synonyms include Ascend, Vanquish, Trounce, Master, Surmount, Rise Above.
I have risen like a the vanquished phoenix to rise again stronger. I rose different from the shattered remains that were life. I ascended to a place of importance once I released the focus of only allowing myself to rise. I could not conquer without a tribe, without help, without my hermanas (blogging hermanas) who were there when I descended into a deep abyss.
To conquer is to be true to who I really am. I truly look forward to conquering obstacles, creating more streamlined business products, writing on Stacked Pages, and relaunching Tejana Made Designs.
To all my hermanas, together we conquer 2017! Adelante!

1 thought on “My Word for 2017: Conquer

  1. LOVE IT!! Get it girl! You will for sure CONQUER

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