About the Tejana

About the Tejana

My whole life I have been nestled by the branches of the Mesquite tree that surrounded the rural town that I grew up in.  The place where this small country girl set her sights on those big city lights. It was the place where two dual cultures exist.

Tejana Made means Texas Made. Tejana and Tejanos come from the Spanish word for Mexican Texans. It is a term that I cling to most often when I describe my cultural heritage. I am Texas and it is me.

I am a recently divorced mom with three children who has recently opened her heart to love again. I hold a degree in English and currently am a teacher at a local high school. I also write on my education blog called Stacked Pages.

20 things about Me

  1. My favorite show is Supernatural.
  2. My favorite color is Turquoise.
  3. I love bling. It must be a Texas thang y’all.
  4. Boots are STILL  my favorite accessory.
  5. My favorite Santo is St. Michael.
  6. Hands down favorite food is Chinese.
  7. I can speak a little Spanish just enough to survive.
  8. I want to own a 67 Impala see 1 for reason.
  9. I love to BBQ
  10. I can get wordy and down right purple prose style when I am nostalgic.
  11. Favorite taco is Carne Guisada with Cheese and Avocado
  12. Favorite Artist is either Lila Downs or Ramon Ayala ( DC loves Banda music and Siggno)
  13. I love the Virgen of Guadalupe
  14. I own Tejana Made Designs
  15. I have 3 children… DJ, Mara, and Baby
  16. I have fallen in love with Mexican Blusas and Blusons
  17. Traveling has become my new favorite past time.
  18. Diet Pepsi is my soulmate.
  19. I am writing two fiction books.
  20. My favorite movie is Gladiator.




6 thoughts on “About the Tejana

  1. Love your website
    There is no place Like the Valley!!

  2. I remember while growing up in San Antonio there was a sort of slang term for the cicada. Something like chachada? Have you ever heard this term? I am unfortunately not it Texas at the moment and I miss it terribly. Your description of warm summer nights and the sound of cicadas brought back wonderful memories. And I love the stories about your abuelo.

    1. I just saw this. Thank you so much and the slang word for cicada is Chicharra.

      1. Lol, thank you for your reply. It is an amazing coincidence that you would reply today. Today would have been my mothers 69th birthday. She passed away in 2010 and she is the only thing in this world that I miss more than Texas. It’s little signs like these that give hope.

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! I myself am Tejana and wouldn’t be from any other state if I could. The way I landed on your page is I was Googling, “Where did the word basiwate come from?” Growing up, older folks would say that to us when we were misbehaving. I know it isn’t proper Spanish. I also Googled “Mexican Slang” and “Tejano slang”. I am probably spelling it wrong but I heard that word a couple of weeks ago and it has been a long time lol. New fan!

    1. The word means “Calm down” and my abuelita used to yell it at me and my cousins all the time. I am glad you enjoyed the posts!!

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