Vaquera Outdoor Style: Discadas

Discadas are extremely popular where I grew up in South Texas. They are almost as important as the actual BBQ pit itself.

When I was in high school, I took a welding class where the very first project we were given was to construct a disco. That is what we call discadas in South Texas. Discos are a fairly simple outdoor cooking disc that can be used when camping or at the ranch. It is usually made from an old disc plow but you can buy the disc plows new as well.

Our Discos were used during Lentes fish Frys and when we made tripas. Tripas are not tripe (stomach and lining commonly used for menudo) but instead are commonly know as intestines or chitterlings. We used to wrap them in corn tortillas with fresh pico de gallo and avocado.

I believe that discos are considered more of a peasant style of cooking that encompasses what it is to live in the Brush Country. Discada cookung has suddenely been revitalized with people using them to make stir fry and other dishes when out camping. With the advent of technology and blending of cultures, small cultural gems like this become almost obsolete.

Photo by SouthWest DisK

Photo by SouthWest DisK

The one I made had legs and could easily be placed over a mesquite wood fire. Some of them now come with a gas connection so that you can attach a propane tank to the bottom of it.

I personally prefer the authenticity of having a real wood fire to place the disco over because it makes me feel as if I am connected directly to my ranching heritage.

Food, Family, Culture is so ingrained in how I grew up that I couldn’t move anywhere else.  it is in everything that I do from how I design my cuffs to my DIY projects.  My family roots are deep and strong and these small cultural treasures need to be preserved, collected, and written about.






Crochet Wednesday: 5 Easy Crochet Circle Tutorials

Header Photo for Crochet Circle


Welcome to Crochet Wednesday, y’all!

I spend most of my days avoiding housework. I know that sounds awful but I am 9 months pregnant and it has really been an interesting ride to say the least. The overwhelming heat has agitated my allergies and I avoid being outside between 10 am and 5 pm if I can. That is the joy of living in deep South Texas. We fry down here.

I picked up my crochet hooks determined to beat the rag rug conundrum but ufortunately I ran out of t-shirt yarn. The traditional granny square and I are not good friends at the moment and I am sure that pattern is constantly saying “Bless her heart” as I struggle to make the squares look tight and even.

Which led me to part ways with her momentarily and try crocheting in a circle instead. I scoured Pinterest for different patterns and instructions because I am still quite the beginner.

The best resource for me was the diagram that I listed in #1 and guess what it was so easy to read and understand.

Here are my first ever Crochet Circles:

Crochet Circles


I used a 5mm hook and some Super Saver white yarn. I really loved doing these circles and I think they would make a great blanket or throw. I also used the magic circle technique for these circles versus the regular way.

Here are some other great Circle Crochet Tutorials that can get you hooking in no time.

  1. Easy Diagram For Double Crochet stitches in the round by Maggie Weldon Via Stitch Love
  2. Circle in a Square by Zooty Owl
  3. Large Circle in a Square by Just Do
  4. Maybelle Rose in a Square by My Rose Valley
  5. Circle in a Square from Color n Cream

Happy Hooking, y’all!


30 Minute Mondays: DIY Texas Rustic Birdhouse

30 minute Mondays DIY Edition

We found a birdhouse hidden among the weathered debris and dying tree limbs. It was full of feathers and old cicada shells. My six year old was fascinated and pointed out that the amber hued husks were “chrysalises.”

We tried to clean it out the best that we could by giving it a good rinse with the mangera (water hose) before we brought it inside. As we were rinsing it,  a piece of the birdhouse awning broke off and you should of have heard the gasps of distress that came from my two children. Luckily, we had wood glue around so we waited a few days before we could paint it.

After the glue dried, I had to make sure my daughter didn’t paint it every color of our paint stash. She does that and ends up with more paint on her than on the project we are working on.

Here is what our birdhouse looked like before we started painting it.

Before Picture of the Birdhouse

Isn’t this the cutest little birdhouse? I love the Texas cutout in the front of the house and am pretty thrilled that I was able to find it in a decent condition.

We used a mixture of off white and eggshell paints and a rustic red acrylic paint. It was an easy to do upcycle that didn’t require extensive planning or work. It was an easy 30 minute project and I really loved the outcome of the birdhouse. Perfect for this Tejana!

After Picture

Here is a better view of the top of the birdhouse. If I do this again, I would definitely want to find a way to stencil the star on it.


I really loved the way it came out even with the funky metallic blue paint and I love being from the Grand Ole State of Tejas. As put in Friday Night Lights, TEXAS FOREVER!


Vaquera Couture: A new twist on the Cabeza de Vaca (Cow Heads)

Cow Skull Couture

I dubbed these posts Vaquera Couture because it shows the little pieces of Texas Style that I love. Let’s get started with the quintessential part of any Western Decor: The Cow Head. I grew up with deer heads gallantly hung on paneled walls complete with a built in gun case. Sometimes, we would the lone cow skull hanging in my Abuelito’s house.

Suffice to say, I grew up around hunting. I raised cattle, showed cattle, and it was the essence of farm to plate that so many talk about.  Cow heads have come a long way from being a faded relic of Cowboys past and instead of becoming a new rustic glam for design and decor.

Mosaic Cow Heads


Eternal Heart Mosaic Cowskull




Beaded Cow Skulls

Cow Skull

Sacred Heart Beaded Skull



Lilly Ross Mosaics


Zebra Print and Cross Steer Skull

Zebra Print and Cross Steer Skull


 Glam Skulls


These are just a few options you have to turn your wall into an Ode to the West.



Crochet Wednesdays: 5 DIY Pot Holders and Dish Cloths

Crochet Wednesdays


Welcome to Crochet Wednesday, y’all!

One of my very first projects was a potholder. I used Peaches and Cream cotton yarn in #1612 Sunshine and #1530 Rogue Red to make them. My yarn and I were inseperable for a little while as I carried it around in this little blue zipper pouch I had. I stitched whenever I had a few moments at church, at the doctor’s office, and even sitting outside while we BBQ’d.

Soon, an almost obsessive desire to finish the potholder kicked in. Every stitch got me closer to the end and when they finally met I was ecstatic.  What people do not tell you about crochet is that it takes FOREVER to even for small projects! It literally took me a few hours but it could be that I am a beginner. I can say  with relative gumption that if you are getting a good sized crochet blanket for $100 then it is a steal because the amount of work is crazy, y’all.

I learned to crochet these pot holders  by  watching this video by Hooked in Stitches. It took me several views before I became comfortable with working the stitches on my own. I am a very visual learner so it works better if I have a video or pictures to see what I am doing especially when it comes to something as complex as crochet. I hope to one day read a pattern because the older Crochet Patterns are especially beautiful.

Crochet Potholders and Dishcloths

1. This is a very cute, colorful Hexagon dishcloth by Debs Crochet that I am hoping to try soon. I would love to see it is a pastel or mint color.

2. This second potholder is very durable and is perfect for heavy duty use in the kitchen. I have made 3 of these potholders in Sunshine and Rogue Red. I used the Peaches and Cream Yarn which is very affordable and holds up well.

3. I really love the puffy design of this potholder from Petals to Picots and seems to be a more complex pattern but it could just be that as a beginner it overwhelms me to see stitches outside of a single crochet. I love, love the use of soft colors and think they are the perfect touch to any country style kitchen.

Textured Crochet Discloth from Petals to Picots

Petals to Picots

4.This very cute Cupcake Crochet Potholder makes use of the whimsical side of crochet. I found it on etsy through the seller, Whiskers and Wool.

Cupcake Potholder Crochet

Cupcake Potholder by Whiskers and Wool

5. I love this square pattern potholder that has a very dainty flower that embellishes it in the center. The colors are bokd and bright against the white background

four square

Four Square Crochet Potholder by Whiskers and Wool

I hope you enjoyed these easy and beautiful crochet potholders that can be easily customized to reflect the design of your kitchen.

Happy Hooking!






Crochet Wednesday: Rag Rug Obsession

Crochet Wednesdays

Welcome to Crochet Wednesday.

Today I want to focus specifically on floors. I really love the look of rugs and since I have old wood floors it would be nice to have homemade pieces in our bedrooms, bathrooms,and kitchens.

I told Big E that I would use his old FRC’s to crochet an outside rug.  He laughed at me but I am totally serious about getting rid of all our old clothes by turning them into yarn. I did try my hand at doing this Doily Rug but it eluded me and then I just pulled all the stitches out. I searched for simpler and easier designs and these two seem to be the most popular. I also located a few other posts and videos.

This easy Colorful Rag Rug looks like an easy tutorial for a beginner like me and a perfect fit for my laundry room or kitchen.

Colorful Rag Rug Tutorial by Cuada Designs

Colorful Rag Rug Tutorial by Cuada Designs

I can see this Mandela Rug as a statement piece for my daughters room. One for the baby and one for Mara.

Mandala Floor Rug

Mandala Floor Rug

Other Great Tutorials and Tips:

  1. Craftbits
  2. Stargazun Designs
  3. T-Shirt Circular Rug
  4. T-shirt Rugs Using a Hula Hoop

Happy Hooking, y’all!



New Etsy Shop Additions

I am slowly starting to become more organized as the baby comes ever so much closer to arriving. I only have 7 weeks, y’all!  I have been adding more merchandise to my etsy store and recently created this very cool Chingona Cuff.

Chingona Cuff 2

Over the years, Chingona had a very negative connotation to it. It meant conceited or too big for your britches. Sometimes it was even meant, pardon my language,  the word bitch. However,  I have always thought of it as badass. I mean I already know how amazingly awesome. So, recently there has been new dialogue opening up about what a Chingona is and how we can raise our girls to fight societal standards and pressures.

I also launched two other collections. One is the Calavera Collection and the other is La Rosas: The Leather Earring Collection.

Calavera Collection

Calavera Collection


La Rosas is dedicated to creating floral inspired jewelry with leather. As I progress in my skill set, I will add more earrings to the shop site.

Grey Rosettes

That is my weekly update for you guys. I hope you enjoyed what I have been creating.




Mother and Daughter DIY: Repainting an Old Scooter

Diy Scooter Upcyle

My daughter has this really old, worn down wooden scooter and I have no earthly idea where it came from. I think someone gave it to her over 2 years ago. She plays with it in the house and sometimes she forgets about it outside so it has been caught in the rain a couple of times.

It used to have this picture of the Care Bears on it but after a few months, ahem years, of weathering it was stripped down to the bare bones. She still loves it and we decided maybe it was time for a face lift. We took our supplies out and camped out in our front yard.

Yes, I am that neighbor and we even have our garden in the front as well.

Here is how we gave an old scooter new life.

What you need:

Acrylic All Purpose Paint

Stencils or Stamps



DIY Scooter Makeover Supplies


First, you need to sand off any of the old paint.  As I progressed, it is probably better to use a base coat underneath the main coat of paint. I also recommend letting it dry for one hour before applying the second coat but I had an impatient apprentice.

DIY Scooter Painting



After we let the coat dry, sort of, we used paint to cover our rubber stamp which was supposed to look like bubbles.

Bubble Stamp


Paint the stamp and use it to stamp a pattern onto the surface. I am not very good with stamps so it was a little tricky. Next time, I will use a stencil.

After Pic


You can also seal it with epoxy, modge podge, or anything else to make it water proof but I didn’t. I actually forgot about the sealing part but I can always do it later.

I hope you enjoyed our Mother and Daughter DIY Project.





Crochet Wednesday: Patterns for Home, Clothes, and more

Crochet Wednesdays

Welcome to my first ever Crochet Wednesday!

Being pregnant has made me more organized and all of sudden more crafty.  It is as if all I want to do is craft and create more and more things to make my house beautiful. I love the Vintage Rustic look but Big E is definitely not a fan of that look.

Boo, Big E!

So, I get away with a few touches here and there. But, some of the things on Pinterest really remind me of my  Abuelita’s old crocheted linen tablecloths and I remember fondly her lace curtains which adorned her good room.  She was born and raised during the Great Depression so reduce, reuse, recycle was taught to us early on. She even made her own aprons, quilts, and probably a hundred other things I never had a chance to learn.

When I was around 10, my Abuela passed and  bringing another life into this world reminds me of my upbringing. Even then, I remember trying my hand at crochet but no one was ever patient enough to really teach me.  All, I can say is THANK GOODNESS for YouTube.

Each Wednesday, I will share with you my projects and finds that have to do with all things Crochet.

I am officially OBSESSED.

Here are this week’s finds:


Papel Picado from Crochet Parfait

Papel Picado from Crochet Parfait

This Papel Picado Banner is so amazing that I fell in love with it instantly. I want to make one for my kitchen window.


Keila Top by Handy Kitty

Keila Top by Handy Kitty

This little dress because it is easy to modify to accommodate a range of sizes. You could also upcycle old fabric remnants, linen, old sheets..and the list goes on. I cannot wait to make matching dresses for my girls


Doily Rug By Creative Jewish Mom

Doily Rug By Creative Jewish Mom


Isn’t this rug fabulous! It inspired me so much that ordered t-shit yarn in black ombre. I also came across this  t shirt yarn tutorial for those of you who want to reduce your t-shirt stash.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s Crochet Wednesday and I hope you feel inspired to pick up a hook!




#RealCincodeMayo Blog Hop: Talavera and Papel Picado Ceramic Necklace Tutorial

I never grew up truly celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Most of the time, we used it as an excuse to BBQ. As a Texan, any day is a good day for Texas BBQ. But, as I began to get older I realized that people actually celebrated Cinco de Mayo in fervor. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated far more in the US than it is in Mexico. Outside of Puebla, that is.

I thought an easy jewelry tutorial would be perfect for the kids to try out on Cinco de Mayo so I finally pulled out my air dry porcelain clay. After a few ideas, I thought that creating some Talavera and Papel Picado necklaces would be the perfect way to pay homage to these two long lasting Mexican Art traditions. Unfortunately, as I read the back of the air dry instructions I realized that it would take a few days for the clay to actually dry.

This ended up being a two part tutorial so stay tuned for Part Two. I used air dry Porcelain Clay but you could easily use polymer clay or even kids air dry clay. Remember, that you have to bake polymer clay in a craft oven.

We used Fimo Basic Air to create the pendents.



We also used some small clay cutters to cut out the shapes. It is fairly easy to use the clay. You have to manipulate  it a little to get it to work for you.

Here is the necklace that my daughter and I created together this weekend. This is the pre-finished version so stay tuned for the next post that shows how we finished and assembled the necklace.




Using a roller, make it at least 1/2 inch thick more or less.

Have handy a cup of water in case the clay dries out and to smooth the piece.

Cut a rectangular or square shape using a clay knife.

Create a Papel Picado pattern using the small cookie cutters.

Let air dry for a few days before finishing.


This is part of the Texas Latino Blogger’s Cinco de Mayo Blog Hop. Join us all this week as we celebrate  the #RealCincodeMayo.

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Texas Boot Leather Ornament Tutorial

In my lovely little piece of South Texas, the weather has turned mild dashing my hopes for a white Christmas. As part of the Texas Posadas Blog Hop, I pondered what type of craft I would set up for you. I have a love for poinsettias. The deep red blush of their leaves always reminds me that it is time for Christmas.

My house, like my abuela’s and my mother’s, is filled with Poinsettias and a few Nativity sets. Although, attempting a porcelain clay poinsettia ornament would have been amazing and a little over ambitious. I opted instead for the epitome of Texas, The Boot.


I decided to use acrylics to paint the leather and instead left out the final step of covering with a thin dye to age the boot. I forgot how bright white paint really is without distressing it.

Materials Needed

3 oz leather

Modeling Tool

Exacto Knife

Acrylic Paints in White, Blue, and Red

1 mm to 1.5 mm leather string for barbed wire 


Case leather, wait a few minutes. Draw outline of boot with modeling tool. Add in details.


Cut out boot with exacto knife. Paint with watered down acrylic paints. It is important for you to water down the paint before applying to the leather.

Don’t forget your edges. Paint edges and finish them using a circle edge slicker or bone folder.

For barbed wire closure, tie small about 1 inch  pieces of cord onto the main leather cord which creates the Barbed wire effect.

Texas Ornaments

Merry Christmas, Ya’ll!


Texas Posada Blog Hop

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Fabulous DIY Gifts for Women {Handmade Holidays}

Handmade gifts sometimes get a bad reputation but sometimes they can be just as beautiful as the store bought fashion jewelry. While some of the tutorials for  jewelry can be a little complicated, these  are a cinch to make. Find some beads and let’s get started.

Memory Wire Bracelets

rosary bracelet white

I love memory wire bracelets.They are  the easiest thing you will ever make besides a strung necklace. The hardest thing about memory wire is deciding what beads you are going to use. 

Double Spiral Memory Bracelet by My Beads 4 U ( Intermediate to Advanced)

Pearl and Crystal Wire Memory Bracelet by One Artsy Mama (Easy)

Braided Memory Wire Bracelet by Desperate Craftwives (Intermediate)


Leather Wrap Bracelets

wrap bracelet

Leather is definitely on trend this season. These easy leather wrap bracelets are sure to be a big hit with those who want something that is edgy and yet fashionable.

Leather Wrap Bracelet by Poppytalk

Leather Friendship Bracelet by Make and Fake it

Ladderstitch Bracelet from Lima Beads

Stormy Seas Bracelet Tutorial from Lima Beads


Loomed Bracelets


I am not talking about those looms that use those rubber bands but actual beading looms. The great thing about Loom Bracelets is that you can use almost anything to make them. You are open to your imagination.

Five Row Beaded Cuff made with Bead Loom by Beadiful Nights

Ladder Bracelet by Kendra Higgins on Positively Me


 Easy Earrings


Earrings are a great gift to give to someone. They can be flashy or subtle. Crystal beauties that glisten in the winter moonlight or reminiscent of a warm spring day. Whatever your style, there is an earring for that.

Fiesta Sunset Earrings By Mill Lane Studio

Crystal Fan Earrings by Thanks I Made It

Pink Crystal Bead Earrings by Art Platter


I hope these tutorials have given you some ideas on how to make your holiday a little more handmade.

Happy Handmade Holidays!


Milagro Leather Pendents

Milagros are miracles. As a Mexican American, Milagros have been a vital part of my life.  The small brass or copper ornaments can  resemble a heart , an arm, a leg, eyes and nearly a dozen other things and each one of them represents an ailment or problem.

When I was a teenager, I injured my knee and my mom is an extremely devout Catholic. She ushered me to the Basillica of  Our Lady of San Juan . When there we purchased our candles and our little gold colored milagro of a leg. It was meant to usher her  prayers through the Virgen of San Juan to God’s ear. We made our way into the Milagro room that was filled with wedding dresses, crutches, pictures,  charms, and even braided hair.

In that room was hope and the essence of people’s faith. It was a showing of how devout they were and what they were willing to give up as a thanks for prayers heard.

Religion and Culture in the Mexican American community are interchangeable. The two mix so much that it is hard to know where one ends and the other begins. These tiny trinkets have been a part of Catholicism for centuries. They are essential to what is known as Mexican and Latin American folk art. Some of the most intrinsic designs are a mix of faith and culture.

The most common images of Milagros or the ones found in Pop Culture are the Virgen de Guadalupe and the Corazon.  These hearts are also known  as the Sacred Heart, Sacred Heart of Jesus, and even the Sacred Heart of Mary.


Sacred Heart of Mary Via ETWN

I decided that it was time to expand out of my repertoire of  bracelets and try and create a pendent.  There are many different renditions of these hearts and the one thing to remember is that the smaller the object the harder it is to tool the detail in the leather. I used up some scraps that had been sitting in my leather bin.

I did two designs. One was of a rose and the other was a hand drawn milagro. I have been practicing the Sacred Hearts for awhile now  so it was easy to recreate it.


I used a modeling spoon, a beveler, and a swivel knife.



Dia de Los Muertos {Culture}

Black Rosary

What is Dia de Los Muertos?

 Orginally, Dia de Los Muertos was a celebration where the Indigenous populations mocked death. The Spaniards tried unsuccessfully to eradicate this celebration. Instead this day  became a hybrid of indigenous beliefs and Catholic theology which resulted in the addition of this day to the Catholic calender (although it is not an official Holy Day). Specifically, it falls in conjunction with All Soul’s Day and All Saint’s Day (which are Holy Days of Obligation).

All Saint’s Day begins on Novemeber 1st. Unfortunately, this celebration has been muted by the grandeur commonly associated with the Big Day of Sugar Skulls. It  should be known that this day is just as important Dia de Los Muertos (All Soul’s Day). In many Spanish speaking countries, it is commonly called  Dia de los Angelitos.

 All Saint’s Day is meant to celebrate the loss and life of children, infants, martyrs, and Saints. On this day and the one following it, prayers are given to show favor for those still trapped in Purgatory, prayers for those who are in Heaven, and prayers for those left behind.

November 2nd is All Soul’s Day  also known as   Dia de Los Muertos. This is the day to remember your loved ones, to acknowledge and celebrate their accomplishments, their life, and their memories.

Dia de Los Muertos is not Halloween.

It is a separate entity all by itself. It is a celebration entrenched in religious belief whether Catholic or Indigenous. It is important to understand that this day is meant for celebration. It is not  meant to be morbid.

Rather, it is a celebration of life and love.

Dia de Los Muertos is a way to celebrate our past while moving forward to our future.Together, we can mock death and live our lives knowing that we will never be forgotten.

This is part one is a series about Dia de Los Muertos.

Resin Jewelry Making by Katherine Swift {Book Review}

*I was given a book for review but as always my opinions are my own.

I must confess that I am a dabbler. You know, a dabbler. A little bit of this which happens to be mixed in with a little bit of that. I am easily bored and sometimes easily frustrated. When I started making jewelry, I saw these wonderful etsy shops filled with the most amazing resin bangles, rings, and pendents. I was obsessed with the artistry of it all.

So, I dabbled. It was pretty bad but then came a time when I had an accident. I think most crafters face this.  A mold of uncured resin plopped face down on my hardwood floors. Original 1950 hardwood floors, I tell you. That resin never cured and it was laying on my craft table for little over two days.

I have been following Katherin Swift for over a year now.Around these crafty parts, she is known as Resin Obsession. There are so many tutorials that i pinned because of her. She has an amazing product and is a very talented Resin Artist.

Resin Jewelry Making: Your In-Depth Guide to Creating Resin Jewelry and More is her first e-book that covers the do’s and don’ts of Resin making.

Final-eBookCover-small (2)

I was sent a copy of this book to review and was delighted to finally have in my hands a guide to what I was doing wrong. This information was extremely beneficial for me as a crafting enthusiast. Most of the time I am fearful of deviating from the tutorials because of my insecurities with resin.

Her chapters on Safety, Troubleshooting, and Tips are quite possibly some of my favorite because most craft books discuss tutorials forgetting that most of us are novices. Resin has a very short fixing period. You know fixing an oops. Swift gives some sound tips in order to navigate these murky resin covered wells.

Did I mention that she proudly portrays a few of her own “first pieces” and i must say I was a little relieved that her first pieces also looked like my first pieces. The projects were fun, simple,and easily adaptable for most artists and crafters.

Overall, this book is a welcome addition into your Craft and Art Project collections especially if you are trying to branch out into other mixed media mediums. It is well written and chock full of useful information and tutorials.

Leather Tool Tip: The Veiner


When I was first starting out in the leather crafting world, I had no idea what any of my tools really did or their names. I just knew that they created really cool indentions into leather. It seems that as I progress I have wanted to learn more about my craft and really delve deep into what my style is and what I want to focus on. It also would seem that different tools are used for different jobs and styles.

Veiners are mostly used for hand stamping out the designs in flowers or Sheridan Style Carving. Sometimes they can be used to re-create a Victorian style theme or even perhaps an Art Noveou style stamping pattern. Mostly veiners help to create details in the flower carving commonly used in the Sheridan Style.

I am not sure when Sheridan Style became popular but I do know that it was and has been a sort of homage to the late 19th century (Early Western Period) and I wonder what the British were carving back then as well. I also wonder if many Steampunk artists have thought about how intricately scrolls and flowers were portrayed in early leather carving. Especially Acorns.

Anyway this is what a veiner looks like.

Where to buy Veiners:

Hackbarth Stell Leather

Clay MIller Tools

Barry King Tools

Tandy Leather

Springfield Leather Company

Interesting Leather History:

Cowboy Saddlery

Leather 101: Veg Tanned Leather

There are a number of different DIY tutorials out there for leather cuff bracelets and many of them will call for leather. As a rather generic term, it can become overwhelming to realize that not all leathers are considered equal.

3oz and 5oz Leather

3oz and 5oz Leather

I thought leather was leather so in my head craft store leather was a  good place to start . Unfortunately, the leather can change from a really great piece to a really bad piece in the time it takes you to pull two of them off the shelves.  Even bags of leather remnants can be 50/50 considering most of them come in odd color lots, ounces, and can be heavily damaged.

Most vegetable tanned leather (Veg Tanned) is minimally processed allowing you to be able to design, paint, and seal to your heart’s desire. It is also know as a Full Grain Leather.

These Ounces are typically used to create small accessories such as wallets, masks, wrist bands, cuffs, key chains, phone cases, some purses. The higher the ounce dictates the thickness of the leather. Higher ounces mean more durable leather for saddles, bags, holsters, knife sheaths, straps, spurs, and anything else you would want to create.

1 to 2 oz being the thinnest and I find that this is common in garment and lining leathers

2 to 3 oz leathers

3 to 4 oz leathes

5 to 6 oz leathers

Some Leather bracelet cuffs are not veg tanned leather especially if they come already dyed. Once dyed and sealed it becomes a finished product and no longer veg tanned leather. Although this may work, especially if you are planning on doing some mixed media work and do not want the added hassle of dying a piece. However, it is important to designate the differences between Suede Leather and Veg Tanned Leather.

They are not the same thing and although many DIY blogs call for “Leather” in actuality what they are using is Suede which is a different cut of leather and may not stand up to the durability of a 5oz piece of leather whether dyed or left natural.

Another thing people need to be aware of is the difference between full grain and top grain leather. Full Grain still has the imperfections of the scars and blemishes that came from the hide while top grain has had them removed.

Veg Tan Leather

When creating pieces, it is very important to be able to choose the right leather for the job. whether dyed/treated or untreated/veg-tanned.

More Information on Leather:

Adam’s Leatherwork: Leather Types and Terminology

Kaufman Mercantile

Where to buy Leather:

Tandy Leather Factory

Wickett and Craig

Springfield Leather




A Rosary with a Past

I found a rosary, broken and discarded hanging from a stone cross that used to grace my Abuela’s home. I pondered the reason why the rosary was hung there.  Was it in the 40’s when she married my grandfather? Was it in the 50’s when she lost her daughter (who was a toddler)? Was it in the 80’s when she lost her son? Was it for the birth of her firstborn?

It hung there, rusted and rare. I had never seen a rosary like it before. It was as though it was protecting a familial secret I was not privy to. It’s blue oval crystals intrigued me, taunted me, and I can even say forced me to recreate it.

Each crystal brought me closer to her memory, closer to creating an heirloom. Creating something my daughter could pass on to her own children, each rung holding a part of my cultura. Each one holding a piece of me clinging to the vast brush and mesquite trees. Each one holding onto the love we have as a familia.


I spent a few hours creating this piece.  I tried to get some nicer pictures of it but for a while I suppose the piece wasn’t ready to be photographed.

Maybe I wasn’t ready to show such an intimate piece of  myself hidden in the gold crystals and along the linked chains. Like raices (roots) connecting me to her, to my hometown, to the land I grew up on. It held me to myself. I stare at it sometimes, wondering where I go from here.

Paths are uncertain but sometimes all we need to do is hang onto the rungs as we make our way to the top.

Sometimes, we hang in suspension.

Sometimes, we make our way in circles.

Sometimes, we just need  something to lean on.